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Ute Water Tanks

Providing convenience through ute water tanks

If you’re working from your ute out on jobs or out camping, the one thing that is normally missing is enough water storage. You can go to the trouble of remembering to fill a bottle each day and take it with you, that would help to wash up after a job, take a drink and even clean off the tools, but that is far from convenient this is where built in ute water tanks are very handy.

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Made of steel and coated or stainless steel these are normally one of the last ute accessories to be thought of, but definitely the most appreciated when the need arises.They fit neatly under the ute tray and can hold a good quantity of water with its own tap for easy access.

Most people like to have one for cleaning up and another for drinking, or in the case of camping they can be setup as both drinking tanks. As with the ute tool boxes they or designed to fit around roll over protection systems and ladder racks for a clean and tidy package.

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